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Alcon, a leading eye care company, recognized the importance of efficient facility design to support its operations. With one area under construction and two spaces earmarked for redesign, EwingCole and ECBuild sought innovative solutions to streamline the process. They turned to DMG for laser scanning to capture detailed 3D representations of these spaces and help inform their redesign efforts.


  1. Construction challenges: The ongoing construction of one area posed logistical challenges in gathering accurate spatial data for planning purposes.
  2. Redesign requirements: Two existing spaces required redesign to improve functionality and optimize space utilization.
  3. Limited visibility: Without precise 3D representations, Alcon faced difficulties visualizing potential redesign options and assessing their feasibility.

Solution: ECBuild partnered with DMG, to help provide laser scanning solutions, to address these challenges and optimize their facility design process.


  1. Selection of scanning locations: ECBuild and EwingCole identified the area under construction and the two spaces slated for redesign as priority locations for laser scanning.
  2. Laser scanning process: DMG’s team conducted laser scanning sessions in each of the selected spaces, capturing comprehensive 3D data points.
  3. Data processing: DMG processed the raw scan data using Trimble RealWorks software, generating detailed 3D pointclouds of the scanned spaces.
  4. Design integration: The 3D models were integrated into Autodesk ReCap, Revit and Navisworks software, allowing designers and architects to explore various redesign options within the scanned spaces


  1. Accurate spatial data: DMG laser scanning provided ECBuild with highly accurate 3D representations of the areas under construction and those slated for redesign, facilitating precise planning and design decisions.
  2. Enhanced redesign process: With the detailed point cloud model, ECBuild and EwingCole’s design team could visualize potential redesign options more effectively, leading to informed decisions and optimized space utilization.
  3. Improved collaboration: The integration of laser scanning data into the design software enabled seamless collaboration between ECBuild and on site contractors.
  4. Streamlined construction: By leveraging laser scanning technology, ECBuild could anticipate and address construction challenges more effectively, leading to smoother implementation and reduced construction time.

Conclusion: By utilizing DMG laser scanning technology to capture detailed 3D representations of areas under construction and those earmarked for redesign, ECBuild and EwingCole overcame the challenges associated with spatial data collection and facility design. This implementation not only improved the accuracy and efficiency of the redesign process but also empowered EC Build and EwingCole to optimize its facility layout for enhanced functionality and productivity.